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Drawn from Clay – Noordoostpolder by Atelier NL at Gallery Libby Sellers

Drawn from Clay – Noordoostpolder is an exhibition of work by the Dutch design studio Atelier NL, which opens at Gallery Libby Sellers in London, UK next month.


The exhibition presents a collection of photographs, geological findings and clay vessels; the outcome of a research project about Noordoostpolder, a region of central Netherlands.


It is open from 5 March – 3 April, 2009 at 29 Thurloe Place, South Kensington, London SW7.
Photographs are by Paul Scala.


The following information is from Gallery Libby Sellers:


Gallery Libby Sellers presents ‘Drawn from Clay – Noordoostpolder’ a research and process-led exhibition from the Dutch design studio Atelier NL. Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Rijswijck, who together make up Atelier NL, spent months exploring the fields and researching the agricultural particularities of the Noordoostpolder region of central Netherlands. The exhibition is a rigorous yet truly beautiful presentation of their findings.


Initiated by Jurgen Bey and Rianne Makkink, the Noordoostpolder project saw a handful of young designers studying the creation and development of the polder, or area. The locale was integral to the Dutch land reclamation acts of the mid twentieth century, carried out in order to improve flood protection and create additional land for agriculture. Consequently the Noordoostpolder is rich with both historical and geological disparity.


Drawn From Clay emphasizes Atelier NL’s sensitive and informed approach to design. Through the geological samples, a series of photographs commissioned by Paul Scala, and their hand-thrown clay vessels made from the various soil deposits collected, Sterk and van Rijswijck address issues of place, identity and worth. The venerable Dutch ceramic company Royal Tichelaar Makkum will then launch a series of works based on Atelier NL’s prototypes during the Salone del Mobile, Milan 2009.

Drawn from Clay - Noordoostpolder
5 March - 3 April 2009
Gallery Libby Sellers
Brompton Design District
29 Thurloe Place, South Kensington, London SW7