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SCP in Milan

Milan 09: furniture manufacturers SCP will launch a collection of new designs at the furniture fair in Milan this month, including pieces from designers Alex Hellum (above), Matthew Hilton and Donna Wilson.

SCP will launch a range of designs called the SCP Boxed Collection at the show, which consists of small, affordable pieces that can be bought from the store and taken home immediately. Top image: Ulrik stool by Alex Hellum. Above: Compass trestles by Matthew Hilton

Donna Wilson and SCP have collaborated to produce a range of traditionally-woven blankets and cushions. Above: Henry, Frank and Ernest poufs by Donna Wilson.

Above: SUM shelving by Peter Marigold

Here is some more information from SCP.


SCP 2009
SCP are pleased to announce the launch of new designs at the Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009.

This year SCP presents a range of new upholstery pieces, a range of traditionally made woven Welsh blankets and cushions, and for the first time, a range of smaller designs collectively entitled the “SCP Boxed Collection”.

  • Timorous Beasties
  • Konstantin Grcic
  • Alex Hellum
  • Matthew Hilton
  • Pearson Lloyd
  • Peter Marigold
  • Michael Marriott
  • Kay&Stemmer
  • Donna Wilson

SCP has been at the vanguard of British furniture design and manufacturing for over two decades and continue to invest in new talent, new ideas and search for innovative ways of producing high quality design.

‘Initially celebrated for its pioneering spirit, modernist values and fastidious approach to design, SCP has gone on to become a highly respected British manufacturer with an international reputation for excellence.’

SCP 2009
SCP has long advocated a sensible and responsible use of materials, this year sees us continue and develop this theme. After a year of research and development, we are now able to offer fully sustainable upholstery. We have moved away from the use of petro-chemical based foams and are now using natural replacements like coconut fibre and wool. As well as being environmentally sound, this process has led us to re-assess how we actually make our furniture and has created a renewed commitment at our Norfolk factory to use more traditional hand-made techniques, increasing both quality of build and longevity of use. This blossoming blend of modernity and tradition, alongside our commitment to only use wood from sustainable sources, enable SCP to now produce sofas, armchairs and home accessories that are both environmentally sound and built to last across generations.

Flexibility and dynamism are two of the things that have allowed SCP to stay at the vanguard of British furniture design for over two decades. We, like any other responsible brand, have to be conscious of the times we live in and respond in kind. This year, we have specifically briefed some of our designers to create products that can be easily packaged and sold at more accessible prices. These products are small enough to carry home from the SCP store under you arm. This inaugural “SCP Boxed Collection” includes a stool, two side tables, a shelving system, table trestles and a wall mounted piece of hallway furniture. This collection will grant access to the SCP brand to a younger design savvy audience, whilst continuing to promote our core values of quality, elegance and longevity. Our idea is to bring high quality design to a wider audience. The inaugural SCP Boxed Collection includes designs from Konstantin Grcic, Alex Hellum, Matthew Hilton, Peter Marigold, Michael Marriott and Kay&Stemmer.

A true year for firsts, 2009 sees SCP move into the world of weaving. We have worked with designer Donna Wilson for the last two years and our shared passion for hand-crafted goods has led to a special collaboration. SCP and Donna Wilson have together produced a range of blankets and cushions that preview in Milan, the Nos Da Collection. The wool for this collection is specially spun and dyed in England and then woven in Wales by a traditional Mill that has been in the same family for over a century. By utilising a time-honoured double cloth weaving technique, Donna Wilson has created a pleasing multi-layered aesthetic, full of colour and character. SCP and Donna Wilson are delighted to extend their product portfolios and to tap into the rich thread of British textile heritage.

‘Flexibility and dynamism are two of the things that have allowed SCP to stay at the vanguard of British furniture design for over two decades. ’

Salone Internazionale del Mobile
Fiera Milano
22-27 April 2009
Pavilion 12 / Stand B07
Afternoon Tea
Press Preview
22 April 2009
16.00 – 17.30

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