Dezeen Awards trophies to be designed by Atelier NL

Dezeen Awards trophies to be designed by Atelier NL

Winners of the inaugural Dezeen Awards will receive unique trophies designed by Dutch design studio Atelier NL.

The Eindhoven-based duo will create a range of bespoke, hand-made trophies using London clay, the material that underlies much of Dezeen's home city and which has been used for centuries to construct buildings in the English capital.

There will be 33 trophies in total. Of these, 24 will go to category winners in the architecture, interiors and design project categories.

The remaining nine will go to the Ultimate Dezeen Awards winners. These recognise the best architect, interior designer and designer in both the established and emerging categories, as well as the overall best architecture, interiors and design project, selected from the winners of each project category.

Dezeen Awards trophies to be designed by Atelier NL
Dutch design studio Atelier NL is designing the trophies of this year's Dezeen Awards, which is open for entries until 30 June

Atelier NL was co-founded Lonny van Ryswyck and Nadine Sterk. Their work often makes use of natural materials from specific locations, with which they develop "products that showcase the richness of the earth and the value of local raw materials".

They have particularly worked with clay and sand from around the world to make geographically specific ceramic and glass items.

Examples include the Fundamentals of Makkum tableware project, which used clay from different parts of the Netherlands to create objects of varying colour and texture; and their To See a World in a Grain of Sand project, which involved collecting sand from locations around the world and using the samples to make glass objects.

The Eindhoven-based duo will create a range of bespoke, hand-made trophies using London clay

Dezeen commissioned Atelier NL to design the trophies after Dezeen founder Marcus Fairs worked with the studio last year, when both served as ambassadors to Dutch Design Week.

"Awards trophies are usually shiny and brash, and we wanted something different," said Fairs. "We're really excited to work with Atelier NL, who will develop something really special that every architect or designer will want to win".

Dezeen Awards aims to be different from other awards ceremonies. The three judging criteria call for projects that are beautiful, innovative and beneficial, meaning that winners need to show that their work is respectful of people and planet as well as being aesthetically stunning and offering something new.

Dezeen Awards trophies to be designed by Atelier NL
Atelier NL are known for their work with sand – last year they called for sand samples from all over the world to make region-specific glass

Atelier NL said they were looking forward to working with a new material.

"An award is a beautiful medium to celebrate the innovative and creative work that people are doing in the industry," said Van Ryswk.

"For us to be a part of this process is an honour. To make the awards from London clay, where Dezeen is based, is a very beautiful way to connect people, place, earth, and design. We thank Dezeen for giving us this great opportunity."

Architects and designers have until 30 June to submit their entries to the awards, which will be assessed by 75 high-profile judges including David Adjaye, Es Devlin and Benjamin Hubert.

The winners will be announced and the trophies awarded at a dazzling ceremony in a landmark building in central London on 27 November 2018.