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See luxurious boutique hotels on our new Pinterest board

Our new Pinterest board showcases images of boutique hotels from around the world, including a property nestled in a field of olive trees in Portugal, and a hotel that boasts an exhibition space. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest or visit our new board to see more.

Casa Popeea was given a new lease of life by London-based architecture studio Manea Kella

The board features a dilapidated property in Romania that was converted into a hotel with art-nouveau details and a boutique hotel in the Hudson Valley with bohemian design touches.

Hotel Kinsley comprises four historic houses that were constructed between the 17th and 19th centuries

Other additions to the Pinterest board include a hotel in New Orleans filled with decorative souvenirs designed by Studio Shamshiri and Atelier Ace, as well as a four-storey building in Georgia with cosy apartment-like suites.

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