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Charlotte pendant light by Daniel Becker Studio above a dining table

Charlotte pendant light by Daniel Becker Studio

Dezeen Showroom: Berlin design firm Daniel Becker Studio has released Charlotte, a pendant lamp with filament LEDs embedded into its sculptural brass frame.

Although Charlotte's hollow, cage-like body suggests a bulb or LED rod should be suspended in its centre, the pendant's light source is actually concealed inside this wireframe.

Charlotte pendant light
Filament LEDs are embedded into Charlotte's brass frame

"The newest generation of filament LEDs are remarkably thin while still being completely even and homogeneous in their light output," said the studio's founder Daniel Becker.

"Our target was to use those thin filaments in a non-engineered aesthetic, with an elegance that is not sacrificing on technical sophistication and testing limits."

The thin brass slats are able to accommodate both the LEDs themselves and their wiring, cutting out the need for any visible cables.

Charlotte pendant light by Daniel Becker Studio
The light is suspended from thin metal wires

While the two upper filament LEDs emit light directly upwards, the other two generously illuminate any surface below without causing glare. According to Becker, the result is a light that is both decorative and functional.

"When turned off, Charlotte is a refined sculptural object with subtle technical detailing referencing heavy metalwork. Turned on, its light sources seem to float in space weightlessly," he explained.

Each Charlotte pendant is handmade to order and finished in Germany.

Product: Charlotte pendant
Brand: Daniel Becker Studio

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