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Zozaya Arquitectos have designed beachfront residences in Troncones

Beach homes by Zozaya Arquitectos "mimic the fluidity of waves"

The sloping morphology of Mexican village Troncones is mirrored in Punta Majahua, a set of curvy beachfront apartments created by Zozaya Arquitectos.

The project comprises six stand-alone buildings each containing five to eight apartments, with 39 individual residences in the development in total.

Organic volumes make up Punta Majahua
The six buildings are visually informed by waves

Each of the buildings has distinctive curved masonry walls, take their forms from Troncones' coastal surroundings.

"It's a project that was born from the idea of creating luxury homes facing the sea which adapt to their site in the best way possible," said Daniel Zozaya, director of Zozaya Arquitectos.

"Through the use of curves we tried to mimic the fluidity of the sea's waves and allow the generation of very organic volumes that improve the buildings' cross-ventilation and aesthetics."

Thick walls of one of the six buildings
Thick walls provide the residences with improved cross-ventilation

According to the architecture firm avoiding using right angles also helped to ensure that residents enjoy the best views while complimenting their setting.

Each block was constructed with thick masonry walls that help with heat gain due to their thickness.

"For the construction of Punta Majahua we used traditional materials of the local vernacular architecture," explained Zozaya.

An interior view of one of Punta Majahua's buildings
Floors are embedded with river stones

The buildings' bush-hammered marble floors are cool to the touch in hot weather and are adorned with circular clusters of river stones.

Local parota wood and bamboo was used for interior carpentry are also suited to Troncones' climate, while ivory-coloured quartz kitchen countertops add to the buildings' minimal design.

An interior view from under the thatched roof
Several areas of the development are topped with thatched roofs

Bamboo was used to create pergolas that protrude from the buildings' facades and shade the outside spaces.

Traditional Mexican thatched roofs known as palapa, made of dry palm leaves, also cover sections of the development.

Curved buildings making up Punta Majahua mimic waves
The holiday homes have views of the nearby Sierra Madre mountains

Ground floor dwellings have semi-private gardens with exclusive access to the beach, while apartments on the buildings' upper levels have views of the Mexican ocean and the nearby Sierra Madre mountains.

A covered garage area, paddle court and family swimming pool with a 25-metre lap-lane are shared by all the residents, while every individual residence has its own private plunge pool.

Punta Majahua has a family swimming pool
A lap-lane is alongside the communal pool

To reduce the development's water demand, Punta Majahua has its own residual water treatment plant. Grey water produced by residents is used to water the plants that grow on the site, which were chosen for their ability to survive in the local climate.

The development also includes a communal gym and green areas and orchards, as well as an administrative office and staff services.

An aerial view of Punta Majahua
Punta Majahua is situated on coast of Troncones

Many Mexican architecture projects showcase locally sourced materials. PPAA has designed a hotel resort in Tulum out of stucco made from Mexican chukum, while a holiday home in Oaxaca by Anonimous also features parota wood and dried palm leaves.

Zozaya Arquitectos is an architecture firm founded in 1986 by Enrique Zozaya based in Mexico. The practice recently completed another residential house in Troncones with a palapa roof. 

Photography is by Cesar Belio and Daniel Zozaya.

More images and plans

Masterplan of Punta Majahua
Aerial plan of Punta Majahua
Frida general section
Frida general section
Frida ground floor
Frida ground floor
Ground floor Nicole
Ground floor Nicole
Roof level Frida
Roof level Frida
Second floor Nicole
Nicole second floor
General section Nicole
Nicole general section
General section Nicole
Nicole general section
Roof level Nicole
Roof level Nicole
Second floor Nicole
Second floor Nicole
Coastline views of Punta Majahua
Interior view
The buildings are informed by waves
Curved buildings mimic waves
Local vegetation
Palapa roofs
An interior view from under the thatched roof
A close up view of bamboo pergolas
Punta Majahua by Zozaya Arquitectos
A bathroom
A bedroom view
A bathroom with views
A dining space with sea views
The communal family swimming pool
Punta Majahua is surrounded by local vegetation
Each residence has its own plunge pool