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Helium-10000 jacket in rainbow gradient by Andrew Kostman

Commenter says helium-filled jacket is "just a balloon"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating an inflatable puffer jacket and sharing their views on other top stories.

Italian designer Andrew Kostman has created a metallic inflatable jacket that is filled with helium instead of down.

The coat is inflated by the wearer using a valve near the hem and an accompanying canister of helium gas.

When not being worn, the garment can be carried around like a balloon using a long dangling tag or left to float on the ceiling in lieu of being hung on a coat rack.

"Will it keep you warm?"

Readers are divided. "Nonsense but love it!" said Pierre.

"Will it keep you warm like a jacket is supposed to do or is it just a balloon?" asked Bobby Dazzler. "Answer: it is just a balloon."

Sim had other concerns: "Helium is a non-renewable material that is sorely needed for certain applications. What escapes into the atmosphere is lost forever. We should not be screwing around with helium in this way."

"Helium is a finite resource and has become increasingly expensive in the last decade as its need has greatly accelerated in medical and industrial uses," agreed Egad. "It's disappearing from parties etc as it is becoming cost-prohibitive. Fun idea for a one-off but hardly feasible for this application."

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David Ajdaye wearing Royal Gold Medal
Obama and Bono praise David Adjaye's "genius" at star-studded Royal Gold Medal virtual event

Commenter jokes that Obama and Bono are "world-renowned architecture experts"

Some readers aren't convinced that David Adjaye was the right person to receive the RIBA Royal Gold Medal, which was presented in a virtual ceremony featuring video messages from Bono and Barack Obama.

"Of course," said Alfred Hitchcock, "those world-renowned architecture experts, Obama and Bono!"

"Can't get more overrated than this guy," added Trewus.

"There can be no doubt about the level of success he has achieved in his pursuit of personal accolades," replied Angelo, "but if the worth of an architect were singularly contingent on the quality of his or her work, Adjaye would be considered as little more than above average."

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Lakhta Centre II by Kettle Collective
Kettle Collective plans to build world's second tallest tower in Russia

Tower looks like it's "wrapped in the Scottish flag" says reader

Commenters are intrigued by Scottish architecture practice Kettle Collective's design for a supertall skyscraper in St Petersburg, Russia. If built, it would be the second tallest building in the world.

"They're not fooling anyone," said Louis Heatlie. "That's clearly the Scottish flag wrapped around a tower!"

"Looks like an NFT," continued Mirqus.

Corporate Overlords thought the tower resembled something else: "Death Star krystal christmas tree 🎄."

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The exterior of the former Palazzo
Foster + Partners turns palazzo in Rome into Apple Store

"Apple is like a religion" says commenter

Readers are discussing the latest Apple store, which Fosters + Partners has built within the historic Palazzo Marignoli in Rome. The studio uncovered the building's historic features and opened up a central courtyard.

"This is fantastic!" said MKE Tom. "Can't wait for the Vatican to get converted into an Apple store."

"In a way," replied Le Canal Hertzien, "Apple is like a religion."

"I was worried this would be yet another historic building being turned into a Scandinavian-inspired place," concluded Zea Newland. "But the result is a delight. I know Apple isn't everybody's favourite brand, but another store might not have had the funds to pull off a restoration like that."

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