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3form Horizon collection

3form launches translucent textile-based panels by Christian Darby

Dezeen promotion: material manufacturer 3form has unveiled Horizon, a collection of partition panels to create zoning and privacy while still allowing light through.

The panels are made by combining woven textiles with 3form's translucent resin called Varia, which allows users to "play with colour, texture and light, and leverage the beauty of textiles," according to the brand.

3form Horizon collection
The collection aims to leverage the beauty of textiles

"As more shared spaces adopt natural materials and cosy atmospheres, the Horizon collection contributes depth, warmth, and variety to the sleek surfaces popular from 3form," said 3form.

"The collection artfully balances privacy and togetherness with vertical surfaces that diffuse natural light and bring unexpected warmth and texture to communal spaces."

Horizon's colours are inspired by changing light in the sky at dusk and dawn

The embedded textile is crafted with irregular yarns woven together.

The fabric is woven more delicately at the top so that the panels become increasingly translucent.

3form Horizon collection
The Horizon panels are made from woven textiles captured in resin

"The Horizon textiles become more delicate and interspersed as they ascend, permitting natural light and visual connectivity while standing and discretion while seated," said 3form.

The collection is by Christian Darby, 3form's vice president of design, who joined the brand in 2017, having previously worked in apparel design at Nike.

3form Horizon
Horizon is designed by Christian Darby, 3form's vice president of design

"When we leverage the beauty and the nuance of textiles, we can achieve a look and feel that digital technology can't replicate," said Darby.

"From panel to panel, each one is unique"

Darby developed the collection over two years with Swiss interior upholstery company Création Baumann.

"The woven panels for 3form have been a completely new development," said Rolf Tschan, international sales executive at Création Baumann. "To see the final product has been exciting."

3form Horizon collection
The collection includes coloured etched glass designs that reference the textile’s gradient motif

Horizon's colours take reference from dusk and dawn. The textiles come in blue shades called Day (dark to light blue), Tempest (dark to light grey), or Beam (orange to gold).

3form has also launched a new product called Horizon Etch, which comprises coloured glass panels featuring horizontal lines.

3form Horizon collection
Horizon Etch and Varia

"Horizontal linear pattern of pleasantly imperfect lines that are concentrated toward the bottom of the glass panel and gradually disperse toward the top," explained the brand.

Horizon Etch comes in three colours: Steep, a neutral taupe; Orbit, a dusty blue; or Meteorite, a dark grey.

More information on 3form's Horizon collection can be found on the brand's website.

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3form Horizon collection
3form Horizon collection
3form Horizon collection
3form Horizon collection
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