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Render of modular units around a central courtyard in Re:Ukraine refugee village by Balbek Bureau

Commenter says "all refugee villages should be dignified"

In this week's comments update, readers are impressed by a blueprint for a modular village designed for Ukrainian refugees and discussing other top stories.

Kyiv practice Balbek Bureau has created a design for a modular village that could provide emergency shelter for people made homeless during the war in Ukraine.

The housing scheme, dubbed Re:Ukraine, is based on a standardised timber-framed box that can be fitted with different interiors to form living quarters and communal kitchens, bathrooms and public spaces.

"A great use for shipping containers"

Readers are keen. "Bravo," said Steve Hassler. "Would be a great use for shipping containers."

"This is a fantastic project," added Charles Kelso. "I certainly hope this group gets funding to bring this to fruition. Not only would it be a merciful respite for Ukrainian refugees but it could also produce a model for longer-term refugee housing in other places around the world."

"I really wish all refugee villages were dignified like this," continued Ati-st. "Camps are becoming more and more prevalent and we need to think more about the permanently temporary architectures."

"Really pulled in by this design," concluded Betty Rubble. "So much to say that is great about it, but there is a painful catch. Where, exactly, will such housing go? Because, in the end, the biggest problem faced by refugees is not the shelter, it's the where, where can they go? Wouldn't it be wonderful if design could help with that political bit?"

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Sailing Yacht A
Starck expresses "unconditional support" for Ukraine after seizure of £444 million yacht he designed for Russian oligarch

"He doesn't have a crystal ball" says reader about Philippe Starck

Commenters are divided over French designer Philippe Starck declaring his solidarity with the Ukrainian people after Italian authorities seized a yacht he designed for a Russian billionaire.

"Maybe we shouldn't be condoning the designing of private yachts that are worth more than the GDP of some countries in the first place," said TKO.

Chris X22 continued: "I bet he had his moral doubts but ended up putting his desire for grandiose creative expression above his inner voice."

"He's a designer," replied Pierre, "he doesn't see the future in a crystal ball. Those who condemn it would do well to look at themselves because everyone owns something that was made or designed directly or indirectly using Russian raw materials. Wheat, gas, oil... "

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Studio MK27 nests living areas under giant roof of Brazilian beach house

Commenter calls Brazilian beach house "a master lesson in beautiful home design"

Readers are debating a Brazilian seaside villa designed by Studio MK27 to frame views of the surrounding landscape "like a wide-angle camera".

"A master lesson in beautiful home design, both inside and out," said Duckusucker. "Kogan is a genius, framing his homes like a cinematographer. Bravo!"

Leo was less sure: "It is a beautiful house, but such a display of wealth makes me a bit uneasy."

"The landscape design, sadly, has nothing to do with the architecture," added Miles Teg. "Other than that, even though it looks phenomenal, I am not too keen on how the gap between the two ceilings would look after a year or two."

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The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge in Turkey
World's longest suspension bridge opens in Turkey

Reader calls world's longest bridge "an engineering marvel"

Commenters are discussing the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which has reached completion in Turkey. It has a span of 2,023 metres, making it the longest suspension bridge in the world.

"So long," said Art Garfunkel.

Chuck continued: "I am so glad someone saw the advantages of suspension bridges! It took a while I am sure, but it was worth it!"

"Engineering marvel to rival anything people have built in the past," concluded Apsco Radiales.

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