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Ross Gardam features an array of lighting designs on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: Australian designer Ross Gardam has listed a selection of lighting designs on Dezeen Showroom, including a table lamp with a Brutalism-informed composition made from glass.

The Vestige lamp was created in collaboration with Australian artisan and glass artist Peter Kovacsy, who creates sculptures that take cues from the wild and remote landscapes of Western Australia.

Cloudy white lamp on dark background
The sculptural Vestige lamp is made from crystal glass

An upright, rectilinear shaped block sits on top of a slim base made from raw aluminium and supports a hemispherical block that acts in the same way as a traditional lampshade.

The geometric composition is bolstered by a conical dimmer that sits on the lamp's wire, allowing the strength of the lighting element inside to be easily adjusted.

Ceto Circlet chandelier by Ross Gardam in an open living space with a green sofa
Circular lights line a round frame in the Ceto Circlet statement pendant light

Another lighting fixture with rounded features, Ceto Circlet comprises a circular aluminium frame studded at regular intervals with rippled, hand-blown glass lights.

The piece is designed to be suspended from ceilings horizontally and is available in several colour options.

Black and white table lamps on white background
Mene is designed to look weightless

The Mene collection includes both a pendant and table lamp that share soft, rippling glass shades.

Lamps come in either black or white with clear and frosted finishes available in both colours, and emit a soft, warm glow when in use.

Noctiluca light by Ross Gardam
Noctiluca is hung vertically

Noctiluca is also available in two monochromatic finishes, presenting 32 individual Ceto light fixtures mounted onto a wheel-like aluminium chassis.

Each lamp is assembled by hand in the company's studio and makes for an eye-catching focal point.

Chandelier in concrete interior
Volant has a minimalistic appearance

The brand's Volant pendant light has a striking composition made up of vertical and horizontal rods with tubular lamp shades threaded onto and hung from them.

The light was designed to appear as if it was in motion despite being static and comes in a range of metal and glass finishes to suit a host of interior schemes.

Volant chandelier by Ross Gardam
Tubes act as lampshades threaded onto horizontal bars

Ross Gardam is an Australian brand that designs and manufactures lighting, furniture and homeware with an emphasis on traditional craftsmanship and innovative materials.

The brand was founded in 2010 and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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