BetteSuno bath by Barber Osgerby for Bette

BetteSuno bath by Barber Osgerby for Bette

Dezeen Showroom: British studio Barber Osgerby has designed a minimalist freestanding tub made from glazed titanium steel, as part of the BetteSuno collection for bathroom brand Bette.

The BetteSuno bath has a completely symmetrical design, with no fittings interrupting its clean lines and a protruding flat rim that can be used as a head- or armrest, or shelf for toiletries.

BetteSuno bath by Barber Osgerby for Bette
The BetteSuno bath is a freestanding style with a minimalist aesthetic

The bath is made from glazed titanium steel, a smooth material made by covering shaped titanium steel sheets with a thin coating that gives it a glass-like feel.

The material is durable but thin, making it possible to achieve straight lines and precise angles, such as in the vertical walls of the outside of the BetteSuno tub.

BetteSuno bath by Barber Osgerby for Bette
It is part of the BetteSuno bathroom collection

"The form invites engagement, and its exactness is achieved through expert engineering and the use of enamelled steel, which is a far superior material for sanitary ware," said Barber Osgerby co-founder Jay Osgerby.

Inside, the generously sized tub slopes inwards at each end towards a centrally located waste outlet, providing comfort for up to two bathers.

The BetteSuno bath is available in glossy or matt white.

Product: BetteSuno
Designer: Barber Osgerby
Brand: Bette

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