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Tornado heater by Egloo

Tornado heater by Egloo

Dezeen Showroom: design brand Egloo has created a chimney-like freestanding heater made from terracotta that features a spinning flame powered by bioethanol.

Egloo's Tornado heater is named after the flame that is visible through an opening in the front of the object, which spins as it warms the heater's terracotta body.

Tornado heater by Egloo
Tornado displays its spinning flame while providing heat

It aims to provide both an aesthetic focal point with its chimney-like form as well as help to reduce energy consumption by creating additional heat.

It is powered by bioethanol, which is natural and cost-effective, according to the brand, and is insulated by ceramic wool lining.

Tornado heater by Egloo
The heater comes in six coloured finishes

"Tornado is a unique creation, a beautiful synergy of form and function that combines modern design with the timeless allure of fire," said Egloo.

The device is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors and doubles as an essential oil diffuser.

It is made by hand in Italy and comes in Terracotta's characteristic orange-brown colour as well as white, black, beige, blue and red.

Product: Tornado
Brand: Egloo

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