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Derlot launches furniture collection designed to "revolutionise airports"

Promotion: Australian furniture brand Derlot has released a collection of furniture named Derlot Aviation, which is designed to encourage a seamless flow of travel in airports.

The collection includes seating and lighting that Derlot created to transform transit hubs into spaces that are welcoming and provide relaxing places to eat and shop.

Derlot Aviation furniture by Derlot
Derlot Aviation was created with airport travellers in mind

Derlot Aviation features a series of lounge seating including Twig, a long bench seat that organically branches out like a growing tree. Named after the smooth Japanese rice cakes, Mochi is a rounded seat with a simple silhouette that comes with or without a backrest.

Another seating design in Derlot Aviation is the geometric Prisma collection, which features different-shaped modules that can be combined into a range of seating configurations.

Derlot furniture in green
Australian furniture brand Derlot has released a collection of furniture named Derlot Aviation

Alongside larger seating designs in the collection are singular stools and chairs, such as the IVI Chair, which has a stackable design that comes in a range of finishes.

The Stump stools have a minimalist solid form that can be customised with wheels, while the Volar stools have a sculptural cantilevered silhouette.

Lighting in the collection includes Bolet, an aluminium pendant light, and the modular Coral Lighting, which has a geometric form reminiscent of oceanic lifeforms.

Derlot Aviation furniture by Derlot
It was designed to create relaxing airport environments

"This groundbreaking concept proposes new airport experiences, and Derlot Aviation is at the forefront with its exceptional range of furniture designed to enhance your journey," said Derlot. "Derlot is set to revolutionise the way we perceive airports."

"The company envisions collections that will dynamically transform traditional transit hubs into welcoming spaces that encourage relaxation, dining, and shopping while still ensuring seamless travel," the brand added.

Derlot Aviation was created with airport travellers in mind. According to Derlot, there has been a shift in needs from travellers in recent years, who are seeking functional and relaxing spaces to enjoy their journey.

To accommodate this, seating in the collection features organic shapes designed for easy flow of foot traffic in busy airport settings.

Derlot Aviation furniture by Derlot
Derlot Aviation includes Coral Lighting and the Mochi seating range

"The furniture layouts encourage a sense of tranquillity amidst the bustling atmosphere of an airport," said the brand.

The seating also features charging stations for electronic devices and was designed to be adaptable to suit various airport interiors, including departure lounges and gate areas.

"Derlot 'lounge' concepts are rooted in the belief that airports can be places to pause, rejuvenate, and connect," said Derlot. "The company's innovative approach emphasises organic layouts and connectivity at the heart of their designs, crafting flexible and relaxed settings that enhance the overall airport experience."

To view more about the collection visit the brand's website.

The photography is by Rodrigo Rabaco.

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