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Interior with light green carpet tiles

Modulyss' carpet tiles aim to "foster an environment of comfort and inclusion"

Promotion: Belgium-based flooring design company Modulyss has created a range of carpet tiles that aim to aid in the design of interiors that consider inclusivity and neurodiversity.

According to Modulyss, carpet tiles are an often overlooked element of interior design schemes. Its new collection aims to shed light on both the physical and psychological benefits of considerately specifying carpet tiles in mixed-use interiors.

Interior with grey and beige carpet tiles
Modulyss has nine carpet tile collections that each offer numerous design variations

Carpet tiles can help both to zone areas and to indicate spatial transitions to people who have visual impairments through their striking patterns and their use in tandem with each other, says the company.

Changes in pattern go hand in hand with changes in texture, which can serve as navigational markers for spatial users with impaired eyesight, according to Modulyss.

Interior with beige carpet tiles
Shifts in pattern and texture can indicate spatial transitions for people with visual impairments

The company says that the colour of tiles can also cater to people with diverse sensory needs by helping to either stimulate or calm the atmosphere of the space.

Meanwhile, the sound-absorbing qualities of tactile carpets can also help to minimise sensory overload for those who are sensitive to sound, says the brand.

Interior with grey carpet tiles
Carpet tiles can help shape the atmosphere of multi-use spaces

"Flooring plays a crucial role in crafting spaces that embrace this diversity," said Modulyss. "Well-chosen carpet features can elevate your design and foster an environment of comfort and inclusion."

The company has developed an extensive selection of carpet tile collections aimed at supporting inclusive interior design.

Interior with dusky burgundy carpet tiles
The company has a spectrum of colourways designed for an array of interior schemes

Artcore, one of Modulyss' ranges, is informed by the way landscapes fade into one another topographically and can provide visual and tactile cues when used throughout interior schemes.

Another of the company's collections, Modus, contains multiple subtly patterned finishes that reference the passage of time and various natural processes, including the way that rust forms on metal.

Interior with blue-grey carpet tiles
Carpet tiles serve both aesthetic and practical purposes

The four patterns in the Handcraft collection represent the relationship between craftspeople and the natural world, including Leaf, which is based on the appearance of fallen leaves, and Grind, which draws on the rough pathways trodden by people through nature.

All of Modulyss' collections are cradle-to-cradle certified, meaning they are globally recognised as products that support the circular economy, which is dedicated to eradicating waste and repurposing materials at the end of a product's lifespan.

Interior with grey, green and black carpet tiles
The tiles can be mixed and matched between patterns and collections

Modulyss is a Belgian brand that designs and manufactures floor tiles that can be used in a variety of interiors.

For more information on Modulyss, visit its website here.

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