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Bomma Flare pendant lighting fixture hanging over a table

Bomma brings "magical texture" to Flare light using traditional glassmaking technique

Promotion: Czech lighting brand Bomma has released a modular pendant light made of hand-pulled crystal-glass rods designed by Kateřina Handlová.

The Flare light consists of three separate glass tubes – one straight and two curved – that Handlová designed so that they can be arranged into numerous constellations.

Bomma Flare pendant lighting fixture
Bomma has unveiled the Flare pendant light

The pendant was made using a traditional glassmaking technique, where a length of molten glass is covered in small shards known as sinter before being dipped into liquid glass to form a smooth outer layer.

Finally, the whole tube is stretched to the desired length, pulling the shards into a dramatic internal swirling pattern.

"This creates a magical texture inside the rod, seemingly its own universe, flaring every time a switch is flipped," Bomma said.

Glass blower shaping the Bomma Flare pendant lighting fixture
The glass rods are distinguished by their internal spiral pattern

The minimalist design of the Flare light – unveiled at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt earlier this month – is complemented by a brushed silver or gold mounting on one side.

The light is suspended from either one or two thin steel wires that hold the pendant in position.

"I'm always surprised by the amount of construction and aesthetic details required for such a simple mounting," said Bomma's creative director Václav Mlynář.

"The light is designed to provide maximum diversity, and this is why we put great emphasis on the ceiling mounting and its ability to branch the individual pendants."

Bomma Flare pendant lighting fixture hanging over a table
A brushed gold mounting is fixed to one side of the rods

The rods can be used individually or combined to create more voluminous installations for larger spaces like stairwells and double-height spaces.

Flare's modular construction allows the pendant to fit into a range of different interiors, from homes to more spacious commercial interiors.

Bomma Flare pendant lighting fixture hanging over a sofa
The glass tubes can be combined to form larger constellations

"Flare can be just a line, a detail or a monumental installation in office buildings or hotel lobbies," Handlová said.

For more information visit Bomma's website.

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