Photo of interior featuring plaster finishes

Materia Viva Natural Bond

16-21 AprApril 2024
Milan, Italy

Paint and finish brand Novacolor launches the new Materia Viva product range, a lime-based mineral plaster derived from natural materials, during an exhibition at Milan design week 2024.

The exhibition explores wellbeing and recreating environments, informed by the style of the new plaster, which is typical of Italian and Mediterranean heritage architecture.

The plaster comes in four effects, which each represent an element of nature – to reflect the product, the space aims to immerse visitors in an experience that fosters a connection with nature.

The plaster is made from a mineral base mixed with crushed bricks, mother-of-pearl shells' fragments, pumice stones and cork fibres made from recycled raw materials.

Materia Viva Natural Bond takes place from 16 to 21 April 2024 at Novacolor showroom, Corso Garibaldi 91, 20121 Milan, Italy.